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Release Notes: May 30, 2020
Release Notes: May 30, 2020
Written by Ben Mills
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Device Search

  • A new search box has been introduced on the Devices page that allows users to search by Device ID, Tag ID, Firmware Folder.

  • Searches using multiple criteria are treated as "AND" queries. For example, a search for a specific Firmware Folder and a Tag ID would return devices that meet both of those criteria.

  • Partial matching is supported for Device ID only.

Collapsible Navigation Rail for Mobile

  • The navigation rail along the left side of the screen can now be collapsed to devote more space to other parts of the Dashboard when viewed on mobile devices.

  • This feature will be expanded to desktop browsers in a future release.

Updating Rules Associated with Queues

  • Users can now create rules and associate them with existing queues.

  • Previously, the queue would have had to be dropped and recreated, which could have led to a loss of messages while the change was made.

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