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Release Notes: December 10, 2019
Release Notes: December 10, 2019
Written by Ben Mills
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Support for Queue Credentials

  • The new "Queue Credentials" tab allows tenant administrators to generate and revoke credentials for AMQP queues, providing more secure authentication.

  • The existing user-based authentication will continue to be supported until June 1, 2020, or at a time when all customers have move to the new credential-based authentication.

Renaming of Clients tab to API Clients

  • To minimize confusion between Clients and Credentials, we've renamed the "Clients" tab to "API Clients". The functionality of this page has not changed.

Improved Support for Webhooks

  • Enhanced Webhook destinations can now be configured which will allow for guaranteed delivery of data using a 120 hour buffer. For details, please see our updated tutorial.

  • The original implementation of Webhooks, where URLs were written directly into Rules, did not have guaranteed delivery has been deprecated. Support for this method will end on June 1, 2020. Please contact us if you require assistance moving to the new Webhooks Destination.

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