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Initiate device updates through the Dashboard. FAQs answered.

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The configuration file that your devices are running determines which events it sends to the platform and at what frequency. The Dashboard offers a way to assign a configuration to your devices.

How It Works

Configuration files are what the devices run, but configuration folders are what get assigned to devices. Only one file in any folder is marked 'active' at a time.

Once a folder with an active file is assigned to a device, the platform compares the configuration file currently on the device to the new active file name. If there's a mismatch, the device will be told to update to the new configuration file.

What's Available on the Dashboard

Creating folders, uploading files, and marking files as active are currently only available through our management API (see this guide), but you can quickly assign an existing folder to a device or group of devices through the Dashboard.

Assigning a Folder to a Device

To assign a folder, first navigate to the devices list by clicking the Devices navigation item.
Then, select the device or devices you wish to link to a folder by clicking the check boxes next to the Device IDs.
Finally, click the Configuration button that appears above the list on the right, and select the folder name you wish to assign from the drop-down.

The active file in the folder you selected is the one that the platform will compare to the reported file name from linked devices to determine whether the device needs to update.

FAQs about Updating Devices

  1. How long will it take for my device to complete its configuration update?

Updates only take place when the vehicle that a device is plugged into is not running, so as not to interrupt trip data collection. When the platform tells a device to update, it will do so after the trip has ended, and on its next connection to the platform, the device should report the updated version. 

This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day, depending on the (in)frequency of the trips in the vehicle.

    2. My device's update status says Cancelled. How can I reset this? 

After a default of three failed update attempts, the platform will automatically cancel an update so as not to waste data in needless file transfers. You can clear the cancelled status by de-linking the device from the folder and then reassigning the folder. This will re-initiate the update process.

   3. A firmware update is in progress for my device, but the configuration update for the same device is not started yet. Why?

If a firmware and configuration update are both pending, the platform will always initiate the firmware update first. Once successful, it will attempt the configuration update. If a firmware update is cancelled for too many failed attempts, the configuration update will not be attempted (so as not to put a configuration that is incompatible with the firmware on the device).

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