Release Notes v1.8

Tagging, Remove Endpoints API, Bulk Actions, Import Devices, Delete User, Intercom, and Data Field Selection

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This document outlines the changes to the BitBrew management APIs and Dashboard application that will be released September 28, 2017. Changes should be carefully read and understood.

Table of Contents

API Changes

  • Tagging

  • Remove Endpoints API

  • Bulk Create up to 1k Devices

  • Bulk Device Deletion

  • Bulk Update Device

  • Bulk Update Folder

Dashboard Changes

  • Import Packing List

  • Delete User

  • Intercom

  • Data Field Selection Rule Wizard

API Changes


You can now do the following actions regarding tagging please follow this link to see the new section documenting these endpoints.

New Endpoints

  • Create a Tag [POST] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/tags

  • List Tags [GET] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/tags

  • Edit Tags [PUT] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/tags/{tagId}

  • Assign a Tag [POST] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/tags/{tagId}/devices

  • Tags in Device Entity [GET] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/devices/{deviceId}

  • Deleting a Tag [DELETE] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/tags/{tagID}

Remove Endpoints API

Endpoints management function has been deprecated from hub-management due to lack of use and the additional code to the apps that caused issues with binding and unbinding to ports.

Bulk Create up to 1K Devices

You man now create up to 1,000 devices at a time.

Bulk Device Deletion

New Endpoint

[DELETE] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/devices

Request Body

    "deviceIds": [

Bulk Update Device

New Endpoint

[PUT] /v1/devices-bulk

Request Body

  "devices": [
    { (updatedDeviceEntity1) },
    { (updatedDeviceEntity2) },
   . . .

Bulk Update Folder

You may now update your Firmware and Configuration folders in bulk.

Configuration New Endpoint

[POST] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/configurationFolders/{folderName}/devices

Firmware New Endpoint

[POST] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/firmwareFolders/{folderName}/devices

Request Body

    "deviceIds": ["deviceId1", "deviceId2", "deviceId3"]

Dashboard Changes

Import Packing List

Import your packing list when you are creating bulk devices.


Make sure this is in .csv format or else it will fail!

Once it is imported you will see the appropriate SN's and IMEI's in the text field.

Delete User

Delete your teammates that are no longer needed in your Settings menu under the users tab.


We have selected Intercom for an in-app messaging solution, as well as a chat tool, and a help center.

Data Field Selection

We have made it easier to select from the event schema specific data that you want to pass into your queue.

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