Device Tagging

Tag your devices to optimize device and data management.

Written by Ben Mills
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This guide shows you how to:

  1. Create a Tag

  2. Assign a Tag to a Device(s)

  3. Write a Rule Around a Tag

Create a Tag

First, log in to and select the Tags nav item. 

Then click the Add Tag button.

Input a name and select a color. You can input any color, but must use hexadecimal color format (e.g.  #000000).

Assign a Tag to Devices

Navigate to Devices page, select the device(s) that you want to tag and click on the Tags dropdown that appears in the right-hand corner. Select the tag that you want to apply from the dropdown menu.

Write a Rule Around a Tag

If you want a rule to only apply to devices with a certain tag, select that tag in Section 1 of basic rule creation.

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