Release Notes v1.7

DynamoDB Integration, Updating a Device, List Queues Response, Delete Client, Password Reset, Auto Fill Rule Name

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This document outlines the changes to the BitBrew management APIs and Dashboard application that will be released September 8, 2017. Changes should be carefully read and understood.

Table of Contents

API Changes 9/8/17

-Integration to AWS DynamoDB
-Updating a Device Through a [PUT] Call
-Changing List Queues Response

Dashboard Changes 9/8/17

-Delete Client
-Password Reset
-Auto Fill Rule Name
-DynamoDB Integration
-Messages in Queue

Integration to AWS DynamoDB

You can now write a rule with your DynamoDB credentials in order to push data into your tables.

AWS DynamoDB Rule

create rule AllEvents
using itemBody = { body = body, header = header }
where true
with amazonDynamoDb(
  tableName = 'BitBrewTest',
  item = json(bindings.itemBody),
  awsRegion = 'us-east-2'

Updating a Device Through a [PUT] Call

Edit all non broker specific device attributes with a single [PUT] call.

New Endpoint

[PUT] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/devices/{deviceId}

Old Endpoints

[PUT] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/devices/{deviceId}/tracing/full
[PUT] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/devices/{deviceId}/tracing/enable
[PUT] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/devices/{deviceId}/tracing/disable
[PUT] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/devices/{deviceId}/enable
[PUT] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/devices/{deviceId}/disable

Response Body

  "deviceId": "60209XXXXX",
  "brokers": [
      "type": "DanlawTcp",
      "commands": "Standard",
      "imei": "3536071XXXXXXX",
      "firmwareFolderName": "v1.0",
      "configurationFolderName": "c1.0"
      "type": "Http"
  "tracing": "disabled",
  "enabled": true

Changing List Queues Response

The List Queues response will now include more information and remove useless information.


[GET] /v1/tenants/{tenantId}/queues

Response Diff

+ {
+    "queues": [
              "name": "AllEvents",
              "rules": [],
+             "totalMessagesInQueue": 8900,
+             "numberOfConsumers": 1
-             "devices": []
+ }

Delete Client

The ability to delete a client directly from the list page.

Password Reset

The ability to send a reset password link to your email if you forgot your password.

Auto Fill Rule Name

Automatically fill the Rule Name field in Step 2 with a suggested name given the selected event.

DynamoDB Integration

Now you can place your data in your DynamoDB table with our integration.

Messages in Queue

You may now see the messages waiting to be picked up in your Queues.

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