Release Notes v1.6

Rule Wizard, Dynamic Rule Preview, Rule Wizard Select Event, Review Your Rule.

Written by Ben Mills
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This document outlines the changes to the BitBrew management Dashboard application that will be released August 18, 2017.

This Dashboard Release changes the Rule Writing workflow incorporating an easy to use step by step interface with a list of possible events for users to start with.

Table of Contents

Dashboard Changes

  • Basic Rule Wizard

  • Dynamic Rule Preview

  • Rule Wizard Select Event

  • Review Your Rule

Basic Rule Wizard

Introducing the Rule Wizard workflow. This concept makes rule-writing easier removing some complexity of Rule Syntax. You may select the type of Event data you would like to capture as the first step.

Dynamic Rule Preview

The Rule Preview section updates as you build your Rule. Showing the updates to Create and Where dynamically.

Rule Wizard Select Event

Select the data you would like to capture by the Event within your Rule. See the Event name and Protocol with a short description in each before you select.

Review Your Rule

You can review your Rule prior to creating if you would like to make custom edits in plain text editor. Or if you are confident in your Rule you can just create.

If you select Customize you will be taken to our plain text editor page so you can make your edits.

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