Introduction to BitBrew
Simple steps to initial setup.
Written by Ben Mills
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What is the BitBrew platform?

The platform is a data pipeline between your connected vehicle devices and your app.Β 

How does the platform supercharge my app?

The BitBrew platform delivers data reliably and quickly. It has a sophisticated rules engine that allows you to filter the noise out of connected car data and format the data you want before it ever arrives at your app.

Ready? Here's what you need:

  • An admin account. You should have received in an email inviting you to join the platform.

Follow the link to the Dashboard signup page, input a password, then click Create Account.

There are three steps to capturing data for initial evaluation. This guide will walk you through each step.

The Three Steps

Running Data Through Your Pipeline

After you have each piece of your data pipeline set up, you can begin sending data through the platform. Plug your device into your car, take a trip, and check your destination for events. Then, write more rules to capture events that your app will use.

If you don't have physical devices yet, you can send test data into your pipeline using a virtual device.

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