Add Devices

A guide to adding Danlaw devices to the platform.

Written by Ben Mills
Updated over a week ago

You must create a representation of each of your physical devices in the BitBrew system in order to process the data sent from them.

Inside the Dashboard, go to the Devices navigation item.

Then, click the Add Device button in the top right corner and select a single device or check out this tutorial to create devices in bulk.(

On the New Device page, input your device's information.

Explanation of Fields

  • Serial # – Use the serial number printed on the back of the Danlaw device with no dashes.

  • IMEI – Use the IMEI number printed on the back of the Danlaw device.

Only assign the device to the firmware and configuration folder if that's applicable.
Finally, click the Create Device, and you are all set!

Once you’ve added your device to the system, each event received from this device will display the device ID (i.e. serial number) it came from.

What's Next

Next, you'll create some basic rules to capture interesting data sent from your device.

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