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Bulk Device Creation
Bulk Device Creation

Add many devices at once using the bulk create feature.

Written by Ben Mills
Updated over a week ago

To add more than one device to your system at once, use the Dashboard's bulk device creation feature. You can add up to 1,000 devices at a time.

First, go to Device Navigation item on the left of the screen. 

Next, click the the Add Devices button and select "Multiple Devices" from the dropdown menu.

Once on the upload page, select the connection protocols that your devices will use. Selections apply to every device created.

Then, paste a list of device identifiers into the text box below. If you're creating Danlaw devices, your list should have two columns in the following order: serial number, IMEI. There should be a comma between them.

You can also import your device identifiers from a Danlaw packing list.

Select Firmware&Configuration folder only if it's applicable.

Then, click the Create Devices button and you are all set!

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